Business Impact

Caring for Your
Residents. And Your
Financial Health.

Your business isn’t about money. It’s about quality care.
But without appropriate reimbursement, you couldn’t
provide the quality of services you do.

That’s where we come in. Our mission is to make your therapy department one of the healthiest in your orga-

nization—both clinically and financially. We do this with proven processes that ensure the best possible patient outcomes, secure reimbursement, and minimum denials.

Financial Health Under PDPM
Over a year before the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) was implemented we trained to become experts, so we could guide our clients through the change. What followed was one-on-one training for each of our clients, months before PDPM was implemented.

Our value-add PDPM services include continued consultation and training, diagnosis discovery, Section GG assistance, and much more.

Secured Reimbursement
Rehab is just one part of your business. But it’s all of ours. With more than 15 years of experience and clients all over the country, we understand that quality therapy must be backed up by quality documentation.

Our proactive therapy, detailed documentation and systematic denials-management protocols are second to none, and result in better patient outcomes and appropriate reimbursement—across all of our locations.

Full Audit Support
One of the biggest advantages of contracting with Independence Rehab is our full audit support. We take on the management of therapy-related audits, reimbursement denials and the appeals process. But with a remarkable 6% error rate over our 15 years—well under Medicare’s error threshold—we eliminate most of that concern in the first place.

Consistent Quality
We deliver the same proactive therapy, quality care and careful reimbursement management for each of our locations throughout the country. 

Our therapists love what they do and it shows. They have a proven record of helping residents reach the highest level of practical function. We work proactively with short-term residents to get them home sooner. And we consistently screen your long-term residents to find and address their therapy needs to enhance their quality of life.

Conservative Approach
Nobody wants the therapy department to recommend discharge without consulting all key clinical and social departments in your community. Our teams are conservative in their approach and work with your key staff to achieve the appropriate length of stay and quality outcome for each patient’s individual needs.

Proven MDS Core Processes
In addition, we’re experts in training and assisting your MDS Coordinator in the therapy-related sections of the MDS to accurately capture appropriate reimbursement. Only through accurate reimbursement can you maintain the highest quality of care for everyone in your community.