Letter from the President

Letter from the President


One of my favorite quotes from a new client is this one:

“When I rolled the dice on Independence Rehab I really wondered if they would be able to deliver. After all, they didn’t have any locations in Connecticut. Imagine my surprise when they recruited an amazing staff in record time—and the owners of the company showed up to train them! This is the little company that could.”

That speaks to so many things that are at the heart of Independence Rehab: Our ability to do business anywhere, our ability to deliver, and the fact that we—as owners—continue to be in the trenches to serve our customers.

We do this because we love it. It makes us feel good to rehab seniors and we feel great about serving our clients in surprising ways. It gives us a great feeling at the end of the day that we—as therapists—have not only created a great company, but that the things we do matter.

I hope that if you’re considering our company—either for our therapy services or for employment—that you’ll give us the chance to prove to you that we really are the “company that could.”


Darin McSpadden, OTR/L, CEO