Clinical Expertise

We open your
doors with years
of expertise.

We’ve spent years working with patients, physicians, hospitals, facilities, ACOs … you name it. Along the way, we’ve developed best practices and strategic programs that develop greater census, lead to better care, and result in appropriate and needed reimbursement. And all of that expertise goes to work for you on day one.

Our proven programs not only help your residents reach the best possible outcome, they help your therapy department stand out from the rest:

No-Cost Physician Alignment

No one gets better in a vacuum. That’s why we help you align with physicians in your area to develop strategic programs that improve outcomes, gain census and encourage site visits. Don’t worry—we’ll guide you through the process and even facilitate face-to-face meetings with your local physicians. We’ll help you set up relationships and practices that meet the highest regulatory rules. We also work with key hospital systems and develop ways to reduce rehospitalization rates.

Orthopedic VIP Program

We’ll help you establish standards and protocols with local physicians and physiatrists for pre- and post-surgical care of joint replacements. We focus on physician-directed, individualized treatment to help your residents meet their highest practical level of function. This can include:
   Pre-surgical joint education
   Pre-surgical home exercise education, established with the resident’s surgeon
   Physician alignment
   Physician follow-up appointments
   Educational protocol and practices established with local orthopedic doctors

Cardiac Recovery Program
For your residents with cardiac disease we can help you establish therapeutic protocols and standards with local cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and primary care physicians. Our program sets up customized care plans, individualized diet plans and education to help your residents reach their highest practical level of function. The Cardiac Recovery Program helps you:
   Establish protocols for therapeutic and clinical care with consultation from the cardiologist/cardiac surgeon.
   Ensure weekly visits by an internal medicine physician
   Create a customized plan of care to guide the patient to increased activity and promote healing
   Prevent complications during the rehab process
   Facilitate full participation in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) through occupational therapy
   Provide a continuum of care after an inpatient stay and before outpatient cardiac rehab
   Manage medication and nutrition with the support of a registered nurse and registered dietitian.

Quality of Care Enhancement Program
Returning to the hospital can be traumatic for your residents. Our Quality of Care Enhancement program helps reduce recidivism rates by establishing a core set of physicians who oversee facility metrics and provide treatment when medically necessary to enhance quality of life. The program includes:

   Weekly rounds by internal medicine physicians (based on medical necessity)
   A Direct Admit Protocol, so residents are admitted directly to your facility from the ER without an acute stay
   Specialty physician alignment: we establish relationships with cardiologists, neurologists and infectious disease specialists to enhance and support quality of care.

ACO Alignment Strategy

Are you concerned about being accepted into your local Accountable Care Organization (ACO)? No problem. We’ll strategically align your facility and programs to meet the key factors for success required by ACO systems. Our strategy helps you:
   Reduce returns to acute care
   Align your programs to the ACO’s systems
   Ensure coverage and consultation by aligning your community with physicians in the ACO.