Dear Team Members,

Thank you for the important work you do. We know you wouldn’t be in this industry if you didn’t love what you do. That’s why we’re here too.

Thanks for your great work with residents and patients who really need you. As we do our individual part to be our best—we’ll make a real and significant difference in our patients’ lives, within our own teams, and in our company.

We maintain an open-door policy, so, if we can help you—please reach out.

-Company Owners
Your HR Team

Amy Anderson, Assistant, Human Resources

Shelise Palmer, Director, Human Resources

Compliance Questions and Concerns

Independence Rehab is a company of integrity. We are committed to following all laws and regulations regarding business, the delivery of healthcare, billing for our services, and the safety and employment of our staffs. If you have questions or concerns about any of these things, please contact us using the form.

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Your Compliance Team

Cortney Roberts, Compliance Manager

Rachel Lux, Director, Compliance

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